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  • Penelope & Aurelia

    41 45.56%
  • Arielle & Juliet

    37 41.11%
  • Penelope & Arielle

    11 12.22%
  • Aurelia & Anastasia

    14 15.56%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I know what you mean! The thing is I really don't want 3 matchy names. I feel that Theodore and Penelope is a little predictable... but we simply love Penelope. With Penelope and Aurelia we thought of giving them the nicknames Piper and Riley - hubby is a big fan of nicknames. We might need to forget Penelope all together because any choice I feel fits well with Penelope (Clementine, Imogen, Tallulah, Whilemina) I like, but don't love, or maybe I'm not brave enough to use it.

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    Something about Arielle and Juliet sounds too princess-y to me. Not even sure if there is a Disney princess named Juliet, but together those names have that feel to me. Although they do match. My preference, esp with Theodore, would be Penelope and Aurelia. Or what about Penelope with Cordelia, Isadora, Victoria, Amelia...? Lots of nickname potential.
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    Penelope is a great choice and not at all predictable. I voted for Arielle bc I wasnt sure how to pronounce the other name that was paired with Penelope.
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    Penelope & Juliet!!!

    I know that wasn't a choice, but I like that combo best

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