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    Baby Cambridge 2.0 Namebank

    So, I'm currently reading a book called 'The Royal Baby Book' (by Alison James). It's a history of all things royal baby: the parents, the births, the nannies, the wet nurses etc, so, of course, names get a section too. In it are a list of historic (From the Saxons to the Windsors) names that have fallen into disuse for whatever reason.

    My challenge for you is to create a combo that you think would fit for Baby Cambridge 2.0 from the list of names in the book. The rules are these: 1) Following the pattern of Prince George, you must pick 3 names (1 first, 2 middles). 2) You must create a combination for each gender, 1 boy and 1 girl. 3) Have fun!

    Adela, Adelaide, Adeliza, Alexandrina, Alice, Alstrita, Amelia, Arlette, Astrid, Augusta, Berengaria, Blanche, Bridget, Caroline, Cecilia, Cecily, Christina, Constance, Cyrid, Eleanor, Emma, Euphemia, Helena, Henrietta, Isabella, Joanna, Louisa, Matilda, Philippa, Sophia, Thrya, Victoria

    Alfonso, Albert, Alfred, Athelstan, Arthur, Augustus, Christian, Edmund, Eustace, Frederick, Geoffrey, Harold, Jasper, Leopold, Maximillian, Robert, Rupert, Thomas

    For Example:
    Alice Matilda Caroline OR Christian Arthur Thomas
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    Just a curious Britberry.

    Favourite Combos
    Eliza ?/Astrid ?
    Sidney Walter/Reuben Anthony/Arthur Daniel

    Other Favourites
    Louisa, Estelle, Arietta, Hestia, Arabella, Wallis, Demelza, Joanna
    Rafferty, Jasper, Killian, Lachlan, Maxwell, Joshua, Malachy

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    Adira Michelle

    Favorite combos: Connor Levi & Chloe Lisette & Declan Ryder & Teagan Noelle & Summer Adelaide & Ashlyn Isabelle & Brynn Abigail & Aubrey Sienna & Sydney Leann & Warren Leo & Brecken Thomas & Bella Wren & Cayleen Elizabeth & Jessica Ainsley & Cassie Victoria & Callie Veronica & Lincoln Dallas & Beckett Samuel & Reagan Amanda & Riley Charlotte

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