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Thread: Bronte?

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    I think the sound of it is super harsh and unattractive... just makes me think of "brawny" and "brontosaurus". I did know a girl named Bronte, she was rather quirky so I guess she pulled it off. But I still really don't like it! :/
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    I wouldn't use it unless I was really familiar with the authors and their work. I think it's a little silly when people name kids after famous people they don't know much about (hence the "pretentiousness"). I see the appeall, though — it sounds pleasant enough and the sisters were pretty remarkable women.

    That being said, all I see i brontossaurus.
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    I like Bronte. But I also like Brunhilde.
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    Not my style I'm afraid, I'm just not keen on surnames as given names -especially one which will have just one association for most people and I agree it has a harsh sound (Patrick Bronte is supposed to have changed the pronunciation from 'Brunty'.

    If you love the Brontes I much prefer:



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    I know two girls with the name bronte and it works well for them, I personally don't love the name but I prefer much more feminine names. I think paired with a pretty longer middle name it would be beautiful
    Perhaps bronte Elizabeth or bronte Margaret

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