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Thread: Bronte?

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    It reminds me of the Bronte sisters.
    I think it's interesting and artistic sounding.

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    I don't love it as a first name for a girl.

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    I like it as a middle name only-my current combo is Violet Bronte. I can see how people see it as harsh, but I think it just makes the name stronger.
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    It's quite a widely accepted girls' name in Australia. I think it's nice. I don't think it's generally very well received in America.
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    I think Bronte is really pretty! I picture it much less harsh than people make it, and very feminine. It sounds almost light, and soft to me. I can see how strong it is, but I think it's really pretty. And I think it pairs really well with Violet. Violet Bronte. I think in the middle it's great, and paired with a softer girl's name works really nicely. Aliya Bronte, Ella Bronte, Jane Bronte - hm, maybe not, Two authors in 1 name might be waaay too much, but you get my point. Bronte Violetta. That's pretty.
    @Tay2thestars - Violet Bronte is so pretty! Soft, sweet, Violet with the stronger Bronte. Swoon worthy. (haha first time ever using swoon, cool word!)
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