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Thread: Bronte?

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    I really like this name and I am thinking of adding it to my list, but I would like to hear opinions about it! Do you like the name, love it, dislike it? What kind of girl do you picture with this name?

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    I'm not a fan because it sounds kind of harsh & male to me, like Bruno or Brunhilde. Just sort of gruff and heavy.

    I also think that names with obvious literary references can have a kind of pretentious vibe about them. I personally like names that reference the parent's interests more subtly. I think names like that make a statement like, "I consider myself very well-read", so the name sort of announces to the world for your child "I come from a family that considers themselves intellectual." Maybe that's exactly what you like about the name, in which case it's a great choice. Why not name your kid after a writer who moved you in some way. Anyway it's something to think about and I have seen posts on the subject in these message boards.

    Personally I would put it in the middle.

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    It sounds too masculine in my opinion. I don't think it would flatter a young lady at all. Agree with pp, though works in middle.

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    My first thought is that I love it! I don't see gruff and heavy but think about it more like Bronwen- feminine, spunky, cute. Nickname Bron is cute too.

    You will get asked a LOT if you like Charlotte Bronte (or pick another Bronte). We named our little boy Bowie because we love the name, but the first question is always whether we are huge fans of David Bowie.

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    That is a good perspective, taz. Thanks for your input! I see what you mean about how literary names can come across as pretentious. I guess that could also depend on what the siblings were named. Bronte, Atticus, and Salinger would be ridiculously pretentious whereas Bronte might be softened with siblings named say, Hazel and Willa. Anyway, the pretentious factor is a great thing to keep in mind, so thanks. Also, I do love Bronte in the middle spot.
    Not expecting, just planning and building lists!

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