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    Love Toby, Henry, and Zoe.

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    Aya Simone is beautiful! So are Zoe Simone (altho I guess it runs together a bit), Tova Simone, and Zoe Eleanor. Aya or Tova sound best with Levy, imo, because they don't have the same -ee ending. However, I don't love the nn Toby for Tova. I think Tova is much prettier on it's own!

    As for boys, my faves would be Henry Tobias or Nathaniel Henry or any number of combos actually. I don't think lengthening Leo to Leon works unfortunately. Toby Levy is too matchy to me too. Henry less so, somehow. But I think "Nathan" works best.
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    Nathan seems like such a fresh choice!
    Nathan Leonardo Levy
    Nathan Leonidas Levy
    Tobias Leo Levy
    Leonardo Jordan Levy

    Good Luck!

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    Hi! My favorites with your last name:


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    Leo - love Leo, but Leo Levy is too many "l"s and "e"s I think
    Nathan - love this, but prefer it as a nickname for Nathaniel.
    Toby - one of my favorite boy names!
    Zachary - negative connotations for me, but I like the name fine
    Henry - all I can think of are kings of England with this name... but its fine.

    I have to say, I don't love your girls list. there's nothing necessarily wrong with it, but it is definitely not my style. I like Zoe fine, but don't like the others, sorry.

    Toby Jordan (really love this combo!)
    Zoe Eleanor (though I prefer Eleanor Zoe)
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