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    Oh I love this thread. I don't want to be too picky when it comes to picking names, but I definitely have some basic rules that I will follow.

    1.Must be easy to spell or at least not have a bunch of spelling variations. I can handle Emilia/Amelia, but I don't think I'd ever use something like Hailey just because you can spell lee so many ways (Ley, Leigh, Lee, Lea, Lie...).
    2.Something that will age well.
    3.No obvious teasing potential with the name or initials. No name is ever really safe from teasing, but again, nothing too obvious. I wouldn't use something like Hortensia because the first syllable is Hor.
    4.Nothing too similar with other potential siblings. I'm fine with two kids' names starting with the same letter(I would use Charlotte and Clara in a heartbeat), but I wouldn't be like the Duggars and have every name start with J.
    5. A celebrity or a celebrity kid having that name generally won't prevent me from using it, however it can't be something tied with one celebrity. I second @pinkballerina's examples of Shakira and Rihanna. As far as celebrity kids go, I wouldn't use Blue or Suri.
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    Other Favorites:Violet Isabelle,Lucy Arwen, Lila Josephine, Olive Beatrix,Amelie Sophia, Audrey Catherine,Louisa Caroline,Eliza Maeve,and Matilda Sophie
    Henry Caspian, Rory Philip,Asher Flynn, Jack Elias, and Gideon James

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    1. Easy to pronounce.
    2. Easy to spell.
    3. Something I love and adore, over just liking.
    4. No teasing potential.
    5. Has to sound well with he or she's siblings.
    6. Flows with our last name.
    7. Will age well.
    8. Not overly common, if it is and has multiple nicknames, try them. I have a super common name for my age and I always hated you couldn't call me anything but Erin.
    9. Try and not have the initials match, if it happens with two of them it is fine.
    10. Make sure Jason loves the name as much as me and has input too.
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    1. Obvious to spell and pronounce (no popular variations)
    2. Must contain a "hope". By which I mean, I want there to be something about the name that says your parents hope you will grow up to _______. Whether that is " be like a certain person" "live up to a meaning" "conduct yourself in such a way that you bring even greater honor to that name".
    Olivia/Livia/Livy/Liv : Thessaly/Darah/Bethel : Noelle/Eve
    Benedict/Eli: Jude/Zane: Luke/Darius : Levi/Phineas/Calvin

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    1. No creative spellings.
    2. Something that makes me feel light inside.
    3. A name which has some kind of significance to it, even if it's not a family name (which a lot of my names are in some capacity) the name must be meaningful.
    4. Will age well.
    5. Classic
    6. The name must have a saint in it somewhere, what can I say I'm Catholic
    Sean Michael | Sullivan John | Jameson Louis
    Elisabeth Rose| Fiona Cathleen | Rhiannon Grace

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    1. Easy to pronounce
    2. Easy to spell
    3. Good meaning
    4. Safe initials
    5. Not particularly common or popular
    6. Honor family members (middle names can be exact but first names should be slightly different or with a different nickname)
    7. Age well
    8. Literary or historical reference preferred
    9. Flows with surname
    10. Sounds okay with potential sibling names

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