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    What would you name these twin girls?

    Technically this should be in the writers' forum, but I know how much the berries love naming twin girls. So...

    They look something like this:

    What would you name them? My only request is that you stick to relatively common choices for the first names.


    ETA: I should have added that I am looking for Spanish names. Their father is South American, but I'm not sure of the nationality yet... probably Argentinian.
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    Cair Paravel :)
    I would name them Alessandra and Serafina, but I'm not sure those are exactly common... Eva Josefina and Lucia Camila?
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    Thinking about Rhys Absalom and Sebastian Harbor Amias and Anneliese "Annie/Liesey" (if only I could find a combo!) and Lucia Charlotte today.

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    Arielle and Sasha
    Clara and Freya
    Lola and Grace
    Asha and Ruby
    Tiana and Leila
    Raina and Soleil (pn Solay)

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    Ooh, Eva and Lucia! I really like that.
    Alice / Mary / Helen / Rosa / Georgia
    Edward / Samuel / George / Joseph / Ezra

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