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    Thanks for all the replies. I won't have a chance to comment on specific names until later tonight or tomorrow.

    Just wanted to add a couple of things.
    1. The vowel "theme" was unintentional and not something we feel the need to continue.
    2. The "l" sound in the middle of each name was also a coincidence, thought may reflect an unconscious preference we have in girls names.

    Aside from the fact that we prefer names that are more classics than trendy, there isn't really any connection between our girls' names and the boys' names we are considering.

    Yes, Frederick William is our fall back name at the moment, though I'm having a hard time getting any decidedly positive feedback on anything from my hubby -- he gets name fatigue from being around this name nerd! He doesn't like to really talk seriously about names until sometime in the last trimester and, well, I'm sure most of you understand that's just not possible is it!?!

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    Leo Frederick and Luke William were the first two combos to come to mind.
    From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors. ~ Proverb

    Classics: Caroline, Catherine, Elizabeth, Benjamin, James, Luke
    Celtic flair: Annabel, Claire, Maeve, Liam, Patrick
    Short & Sweet: Grace, Jane, Rose, Jack, Leo

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    My first thought on seeing the subject title of the post, before even reading it, was immediately "Frederick!!" So Frederick William totally has my vote.

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    Check out my baby name videos:

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    I like Charles best from your list.

    I don't think you have to consider your daughter's names too closely when picking a boy name. It seems your taste is pretty classic.

    If you like Jack would you like John? It has the same simple classic charm for me.


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