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    2. Prince Ferdinand (The Tempest)
    1. Queen Titania (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

    Roll twice and add up to see how many children you have! Roll again for each child to determine gender. Odd = boy, even = girl.
    Roll for each child to see if they survive one year - they often didn't in Regency times - odd die, even live

    Fourteen children.
    DS1: Prince Regent Ferdinand Alonso Benedict Naples. Dies. 16.
    DS2: Prince Regent Ferdinand Alonso Frederick Naples. LIVES. 15.
    DD1: Princess Eleanor Beatrice. Dies. 14.
    DS3: Prince Stephen Alexander. Dies. 13.
    DD2: Princess Eleanor Anne. Dies. 12.
    DD3: Princess Eleanor Blythe. Dies. 11.
    DD4: Princess Eleanor Isabel. LIVES. 10.
    DS4: Prince Stephen John. Dies. 9.
    DD5: Princess Margery Cecilia. LIVES. 8.
    DD6: Princess Gillian Elizabeth. Dies. 7.
    DD7: Princess Gillian Ursula. LIVES. 6.
    DS5: Prince Stephen Bartholomew. LIVES. 5.
    DS6: Prince Oliver Gregory. Dies. 4.
    DS7: Prince Oliver George. Dies. 3.

    Fred, 16; Isabel, 10; Margery, 8; Gilly, 6; and Tolly, 5.
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    1. King Oberon (A Midsummer Night's Dream)

    2. Lady Miranda (The Tempest)

    15 children.
    DS1: Prince Regent Oberon Alberich Valentine of Merowech. Dies.
    DD1: Princess Clemence Philippa. LIVES.
    DS2: Prince Regent Oberon Alberich Christopher of Merowech. Dies.
    DS3: Prince Regent Oberon Alberich Tristram of Merowech. LIVES.
    DS4: Prince Ambrose Richard. LIVES.
    DD2: Princess Gwenllian Jane. LIVES.
    DD3: Princess Frideswide Emma. LIVES.
    DD4: Princess Amphelisia Eleanor. Dies.
    DS5: Prince Martin Leonard. LIVES.
    DD5: Princess Amphelisia Thomasin. Dies.
    DD6: Princess Amphelisia Beatrice. LIVES.
    DS6: Prince Mathias Peter. LIVES.
    DS7: Prince Cuthbert Henry. LIVES.
    DS8: Prince Edmund George. Dies.
    DD7: Princess Susanna Bridget. Dies.

    Clemence, 15; Tristram, 13; Ambrose, 12; Gwenllian, 11; Emma, 10; Martin, 8; Beatrice, 6; Mathias, 5; Cuthbert, 4.
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    Romeo & Ophelia Montague

    14 children

    Clemence Eleanor, 17, betrothed to Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
    Alice Mabel, 16, betrothed to Ferdinand, Prince of Naples
    Romeo Julian, 15, betrothed to Katherine, Princess of France
    Edward Griffin, deceased
    Edward Frederick, 13, betrothed to Lady Emilia of Sicily
    Fortune Catherine, 12, betrothed to Lord Adrian of Milan
    Mathias Bartholomew, deceased
    Mathias Valentine, 10
    Ambrose Ferdinand, 8
    Oswyn Bernard, deceased
    Oswyn Laurence, deceased

    Gillian Prudence, 4
    Audrey Philippa, 2
    Oswyn George, 3 months

    Clemence, Alice, Romeo, Edward, Fortune, Mathias, Ambrose, Gillian, Audrey, Oswyn

    Clem, Ali, Jules, Ned, Cat, Matty, Ferdi, Gilly, Pippa, Ozzy
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    5. Romeo Montague

    5. Juliet Capulet

    Roll for each child to see if they survive one year - they often didn't in Regency times - odd die, even live

    DS: Romeo Walter Montague - Lives
    DD: Eleanor Avis Montague - Lives
    DD: Alice Jane Montague - Dies
    DD: Alice Thomasin Montague - Dies
    DS: Abraham Peter Montague - Lives
    DS: Nathaniel Benedict Montague - Dies
    DD: Alice Philippa Montague - Lives

    Romeo and Juliet have:
    Romeo, 7
    Eleanor, 6
    Abraham, 3
    Alice, 1

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