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    From our ancestors come our names, but from our virtues our honors. ~ Proverb

    The Classics: Caroline, Catherine, Elizabeth; Benjamin, James, Luke
    Celtic Flair: Annabel, Claire, Maeve; Evan, Liam, Patrick
    Short & Sweet: Eve, Jane, Rose; Hugh, Jack, Leo

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    Corinne is a very charming, name with a European feel. She always has that lovely Connie nickname without having to use Constance which I really dislike. Corinne ticks all the right boxes.
    Corinne Alexandra
    Corinne Grace
    Corinne Isabella
    Corinne April
    Corinne Scarlett
    Corinne Dorothy
    Corinne Helena
    Corinne Silvia
    Corinne Olympia
    Corinne Primrose
    Corinne Persephone
    Corinne Eleanor
    Corinne Louisa

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    Loving right now:
    Eulalie Catharina, Beatrix Eveline, Cecily Morgana
    Ivo Marius, Euan Casper, Remy Nathaneal, Crispin Adair

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