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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemybabies29 View Post
    I have never ever heard of my name being shortened to ann/annie.. lol that was a shock to see..

    I will also add.. dan, dana ( said dan-uh) & although i know of the other names i have never been anything other than dan /dani/ danielle lol

    ohh not forgetting Dee...

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    Dani, (U.K Mumma) Love my kidlets Bailey & Liberty {step mum to angel Calium 17/4/02-25/06/02} <3 K.P.T <3

    Crushes: (B) Phoenix, Elijah, Zeke, Logan,Vincent, Talon, Castiel, Kye, Auron, Levi, Xavier, Harley, Orion, Gunner, Marley, Blaine, Aeydn, Aaron, Roman, Zephyr, Kingsley, Niklaus, Jensen
    (G) Peyton, Ashealia, Madalynn, Ksenia, Genevieve, Isabeau, Talia, Marnie, Wynter, Sofia, Emery, Aria, Avalon, Nova, Luna, Elyse, River, Myka, Bonnie, Gracelyn (combo mine & my mums name)

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    All of my kids names haha!

    Astoria - Story, Astie (she gets that sometimes haha), Tori, Ria, Ari/Aria (?)
    Matteo - Tay, Matt, Matty, Teo
    Reverie - Rev, Revi, Ree, Verie, Evie
    Juniper - Junie, June, Niper (my son called her Nipper haha)

    Some more:
    Anthea - Annie, Anne, Thea
    Lucinda - Lucy, Indie, Inda
    Olivia - Ollie, Liv, Livia, Via
    Philippa - Philly, Hilly, Pippa
    Penelope - Posey, Penny, Nella, Nellie, Nelle
    Josephine - Effie, Josie, Phin, Posey
    Wilhelmina - Willa, Mina, Mimi
    Eleanora - Eleanor, Elle, Ella, Ellie, Nora, Leni
    Arianna - Aria, Anna, Annie, Ari

    There's tons more!
    Mum to 4.

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