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    Twins coming - Unknown Gender...

    ....decided to put this in the 'Names' forum.

    My wife & I are due with twins in August and we are not going to find out the gender(s). My question is not: Do you think we're crazy for not finding out (given the consensus of our family - we most certainly are) but what you think of our name combinations. We are considering the following two sets of pairs for each gender. I would be so very grateful for your time in picking the favorite for each gender combo.

    BOY/BOY: Leo/Jasper

    BOY/GIRL: Theo/Lila

    GIRL/GIRL: Lila/Thea

    Thank you in advance for your time in posting a reply.

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    My favorites: Leo/Jasper, Theo/Lila, and Linnea/Cora
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    Congrats to you and your wife! It's lovely to see a male on Nameberry. We don't have too many males posting on here so it's always nice to have another one!


    Leo & Jasper (a gorgeous, swoon-worthy duo)


    Theo & Lila (I like the fact that they're both four letters but sound different)

    GIRL/GIRL: (this was the toughest choice to make)

    Lila & Thea (simple, vintage and sweet. Linnea may cause pronunciation issues)
    All the best,

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    I like Theo & Harrison for two boys.

    for boy/girl I love Lila & Theo! Lila is one of my ultimate favourite names and Theo goes so well with it!

    For two girls, while I looove Lila I don't like Thea with it, so I like Linnea & Cora (both really beautiful and classy)
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    Congratulations! I think it is completely up to you and your wife whether you want to find out the genders or not. My favorite combos for you:

    Theo and Harrison

    Theo and Lila

    Lila and Thea OR how about Lila and Cora?
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