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    Elise Marie, Kathryn Grace, Belen Nicole, Sarah Louise

    What do you think about the names Elise Marie, Kathryn Grace, Belen Nicole and Sarah Louise as first names for girls?

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    I like Belen Nicole best. Honestly, I find most of them kind of boring and predictable. Especially Elise Marie & Kathryn Grace.
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    They're not bad, but they seem more like first-middle combos to me.
    They're nice names, but very "plain" or "predictable"
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    Cair Paravel :)
    They're all very nice, traditional (with the exception of Belen, maybe), lovely girls' names. Sarah is my favorite but Elise and Catherine (prefer this spelling) are lovely, too. I think an interesting MN would spice up the combos, though--like Sarah Violet, Elise Clementine, Catherine Elena, etc. Just a few ideas.

    I really love Sarah, Catherine, and Elise, though! Very lovely, classic, traditional.

    Good luck!
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    I think that they all sound feminine and sweet. Belen is not my style though... love the others!

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