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  • Elena Catherine (nn Elle, Ella, Elena Cate)

    29 69.05%
  • Elena ????? (suggestion in comments)

    2 4.76%
  • Emilia Elaine (nn Mia)

    8 19.05%
  • Emilia ??? (suggestion in comments)

    3 7.14%
  • Violet Elaine

    9 21.43%
  • Other (suggestions in comments)

    0 0%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which goes best with last name

    Still playing around because I like names and because I'm a bit OCD

    Which one is your favorite considering our last name starts with a V and rhymes with 'hickory.'

    We are pronouncing Elena as ee-lane-uh. I just don't like the Helena pronunciation as much, sorry! Plus we are trying to honor MIL's middle name, Elaine, and I don't like the spelling Elaina.
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    I like Amelia spelled like this

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    I love Violet, but with your surname it sounds a bit like the name of a band or something. I'd choose Emilia next, but agree with PP on the spelling, I like it better with an A.

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    Elena Catherine is a very pretty combo. Elena Vick**y sounds better than the repetitive "ee" sound in the Emilia Vick**y combo. I love Violet but not with your surname.
    All the best,

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    I voted for Elena Catherine
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    Audrey Juliet Sophia (August 2014)
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