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    Dec 2009
    Paternal grandmother - Lorraine Audrey
    Maternal grandmother - Phyllis Yvonne
    Maternal great-grandmother - Opal Gayle
    Maternal step-grandmother #1 - Carma
    Maternal step-grandmother #2 - Kitty (I'd assume short for Katherine)
    Ben & Lainy - 10.8.12
    ..hoping for a 2015 baby..

    Avalon Winter Kate . Mira Juliet Laine . Vesper Elizabeth Joss
    Audrey, Catherine, Daisy, Felicity, Juniper, Isabeau, Liv, Lola,
    Lydia, Magnolia, Pearl, Reverie, Summer, Tessa, Violet, Zelda

    Set in stone for a baby boy: Archer Gregory James
    Asher, August, Beau, Benjamin, Bodhi, Daniel, Dominic, Donovan, Ezra, Finn,
    Flynn, Forrest, Grey, Hugo, Joshua, Jude, Julius, Leo, North, Sage, Theodore, Vincent

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    Apr 2013
    Maternal grandmother: Patricia Anne
    Maternal great-grandmother (Patricia's mom): Blanche
    Paternal grandmother: Olive Averial

    I have been trying for a while to find anyone else named Averial, I really would like to use it for my own children and I wonder what others paired it with.

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    Jul 2012
    [CENTER][FONT=Fixedsys]mom to Parker Hermione
    due December 11 with #2
    [COLOR="#ff6699"]Nova Felicity[/COLOR] OR [COLOR="#3399cc"]Mason Phoenix[/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]

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    My mom's mom: Wanda Lee
    My mom's dad's mom (still alive): Dorothy (unknown middle)
    My dad's mom: Mary Anice
    My stepdad's mom: Alice Carolyn

    My boyfriend's mom's mom: Dixie Carolyn
    My boyfriend's dad's mom: Ruby (unknown middle)

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    Aug 2013
    stereo kicks ay up.

    Valerie Anne - born 1936
    Bonnie June - born 1942

    great grandmothers:

    Margaret Florence (Dolly)- born 1924
    Mary(Molly) born 1906(?)
    Flossie - born 1890's-early 1900's
    Lillian Vera (Vera) - born 1904
    Ladies: Florence•Amelia•Daisy•Martha•Millie•Scar lett•Sophia•Poppy•Freya•Amelie•Maisie• Olivia•Charlotte•Imogen•Harriet
    Evie•Lillian•Isabelle•Ella•Louisa•Eleano r•Violet•Lucy•Annabelle•Phoebe•Elsie•M innie•Matilda•Grace•Evelyn•Pixie

    Gentlemen: Albert•Matthew•Henry•Louis•William•Harry •Teddy•James•Charlie•Christopher• Ernest•Andrew•Adam•Thomas•Alfie
    Edward•Archie•Daniel•Harrison•George•Sta nley•Joel•Rafferty•Michael•Samuel•Winsto n•Freddie•Darcy

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