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    My family names :)

    Old school names are always great? Is this for middle names or first names?
    My grandmother's is Johanna (which is dutch and is pronounced yo-hannah)
    My grandmother-in-law's is Jean
    Then great-grandparents:
    Wilhelmina or Mina (dutch)
    Roelina (dutch again)

    I also love the names Beatrice, Rosaline, Mabel, Margurite, Trudy
    Hope this is helpful

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    Both of my grandmothers have passed away, but I had Esther Elizabeth and Anna Karolina, who went by Anne.
    My husband has one living and one deceased, Helen and Wilma, respectively.
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    My yiayias -

    Maternal grandmother - Margarita "Margaret"
    Maternal great grandmother - Aglaoufeme "Feme" (Fee-Mee)
    Maternal great grandmother - Stamatia
    Maternal great great grandmother - Dimitra

    Paternal grandmother - Styliani "Stella"
    Paternal great grandmother - Maria
    Paternal great grandmother - Stavroula
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