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    Margaret & Joan. Fiance's are Mary & Ann.

    I also had a great grandma Rose who was still alive when I was younger.
    My Top 10 Girls Names: Astrid, Elara, Evelyn, Hannah, Hester, Lorna, Megan, Ophelia, Sylvia, Tabitha
    My Top 10 Boys Names: Alistair, Andrew, Graeme, Hamish, Leopold, Martin, Peter, Rupert, Tobias, William
    Guilty Pleasures: Athena, Aurelius, Damaris, Digory, Hermione, Isis, Phineas, Loki, Myrtle, Nymeria, Nyx, Orion

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    Mine: Carol and Patricia
    Husband's: Ruth and.....Ruth!

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    I have a g-g-g granmother named don't hear that much!

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    Doris & Lois. Definitely old-school!
    teenberry -- writer -- drama kid
    Current crushes (constantly changing):
    Girls: Thea, Aurelia, Rosalind, Rose, Rowena, Helena, Hermione, Carys, Clio, Cassia, Viola, Lily, Lila, Lucy, Seren, Maia, Mirabel.
    Boys: Miles, James, Jasper, Jude, Graham, Arthur, Oliver, Leo, Lewis, Wesley, Rory, Rowan, Caspian, Silas, Sebastian.

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