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    Apr 2013
    Maternal Grandmother Is Lydia Margaret her mother was Lydia Frances
    Paternal Grandmother name was Lillian Adell and her mother was Mary Willietta

    My husbands paternal grandmother name is Mary Eloise
    His maternal Grandmothers name was Gerda Chrispel

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    Mine were called Kitty and Mary

    Mama to Amelie Clara (2008) & Daisy Madeline (2013).

    Alice Tallulah, Polly Matilda, Rosalie Faye, Lucy Annabel, Maya Lillian, Hazel Kate, Eva Blossom, Juliet Lila, Ivy Camille.
    Charles Joshua "Charlie", Theodore Samuel "Teddy", Elliott Daniel, Noah Zachary, James Oscar, Arthur Philip, Rowan Isaac.

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    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Maternal grandmother: Florence
    Paternal grandmother: Elsa

    Crushing on
    ♥ Rosa ♥ Elsie ♥ Flora ♥ Inga ♥ Maj ♥ Molly ♥
    ♥ Pelle ♥ Viggo ♥ Inge ♥ Ingo ♥ Tor ♥

    among others

    ~ From Sweden - Feel free to ask if you want to know anything about Swedish names! ~

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    Ruth and Catherine. My great grandmas were Bridget and Elsie

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    A teenage writer and name lover~
    Rosemary Evangeline Claire, Flora Beatrice Angelica, Eleanor Ambrosia Louise, Martha Phoebe Guinevere, Anastasia Maya Faye, Valentina Sylvia Jane

    Winston Kenneth Roscoe, Asher Wolfgang Malachi, Simon Jonathan Glenn, Elijah Aaron Timothy, Abraham Oliver Carlisle, Gideon Arthur Maxwell

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