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    Penelope nn Poppy sister of Maple is great! I know a Poppy (her full name) and nobody ever confuses her for a grandpa, so I think you're safe.
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    Maple and Penelope are great! I like Poppy and know girls called poppy and as an Aussie hear it used for grandfathers, but I don't think that's an issue.
    I agree with pp's that said Penny and Nellie are cute nn also.

    Maple and Penny?
    Maple and Nellie?

    Is Maple nn May? or something else? Or nothing

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    Penelope is our number 1 as well and I wanted to use Poppy as a nn but I have 2 grand dads names poppi, or pop pop! I'm in the same predicament as I don't want anyone to be confused w who we are referring to.. However I did think the nickname was sweet bc it could be in honor of the grandfathers too. I say use Penelope and see what happens with the nickname later!
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    Poppy is too cutesy as a full name and I think of grandfathers. My niece calls my dad Pop-pop or Poppy

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    I think Poppy our of Penelope is very doable!

    i also think Poppy and Maple go great together!
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