View Poll Results: Which is your favorite W name?

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  • Walden

    6 12.00%
  • Walter

    18 36.00%
  • Walton

    1 2.00%
  • Wesley

    30 60.00%
  • Whistler

    3 6.00%
  • Whittaker

    7 14.00%
  • Wilder

    11 22.00%
  • Willoughby

    5 10.00%
  • Windsor

    1 2.00%
  • Winslow

    3 6.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    I voted for Walter and Wilder because I love them both. I also think Wilder is perhaps a more adventurous version of Walter. They sound similar but Wilder is a little more 'spunky'.
    I liked the majority of the names on the list though, except Walden (because it reminds me of Saffron Walden) and Walton, because it's a village down the road from me, and it doesn't sound like a name to my ears.
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    Wolf is my favourite of those. It is my brother's middle name and he's always loved it. I won't use it because its atraditional in our culture to name after living relatives but I find it very handsome.

    Of unmentioned W's, my favourite is Wyatt.

    I am surprised by how much I am liking Whittaker but I must admit I had never thought of it at all before this poll.

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    I voted for Wesley. Always makes me think of 'The Princess Bride', and I love that movie NN wes is also really cute.
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