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    Teenberry, name loving girl.

    Lucy, Madeline, Caroline, Kylie, Bryn, Audrey/Aubrey, & Sierra
    Eli, Caden, Camden, Riley and Caleb

    Guilty Pleasures:
    Clementine & Tiara

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    Wife: Josephine Ines Hayes (Josie)
    Husband: Alec Vance Hayes
    Daughter: Anouk Mathilde Hayes (Annie)
    Son: Oliver Aiden Hayes
    Son: Eli Andrew Hayes
    Daughter: Cambrie Mavis Hayes (Bri)
    Daughter: Lily Cade Hayes
    Daughter: Rachel Layne Hayes
    Daughter: Caroline Ramona Hayes (Carrie)
    Son: Solomon Abott Hayes
    Son: Harrison James Hayes (Harry)
    Daughter: Nigela Elodia Hayes
    Son: Henry Lucas Hayes
    Son: Brighton Dallas Hayes
    Daughter: Elena Wren Hayes
    Daughter: Alice Emsley Hayes (Ally)
    Daughter: Beatrice Sage Hayes (Bea)
    Daughter: Michaela Emberlie Hayes (Kayla)
    Son: Austin Alford Hayes
    Son: Elias Silas Hayes
    Son: Walker Milo Hayes
    Daughter: Maya Grace Hayes
    Daughter: Rowena Calise Hayes (Ena)
    Daughter: Coraline Neva Hayes (Cora)
    Daughter: Rosalba Ellie Hayes (Rosie)
    Son: Phineas Auden Hayes (Finn)

    Annie, Oliver, Eli, Bri, Lily, Rachel, Carrie, Solomon, Harry, Nigela, Henry, Brighton, Elena, Ally, Bea, Kayla, Austin, Elias, Walker, Maya, Ena, Cora, Rosie & Finn
    What's in a Name? That Which We Call a Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet.
    -William Shakespeare-

    || Luna Hatidza || Elham Ibrahim ||

    ♥ Luna & Elham ♥

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    LN: Hayes

    DW: Moira Ines
    DH: Michael George

    DD: Violet Lucia
    DS/DS: Andrew Cole & Emory Martin
    DD: Jemma Emilia
    DD/DD/DD: Raisa Camille, Sadira Rachel, and Oleisa Johana
    DS/DS: Gideon Roscoe & Solomon Colt
    DD: Eva Zaire
    DS: Henry Nicholas
    DS: Adam Theodore
    DD/DD/DD/DD: Anais Michaela, Zoa Alice, Melora Edith, & Beatrice Leonie
    DS/DS/DS: Milo Jett, Elias Daniel, & Titus Leopold
    DD: Julianna Carys
    DD/DD/DD: Rowena Jenavieve, Coraline Aoife, and Zamora Ellery
    DS: Evan Jacob

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    LN: Jones

    DW: Emmaline Ines
    DH: Daniel Olivier

    DD1: Savannah Jade
    DS1/DS2: Oliver Eli & Aiden Cole
    DD2: Imogen Hannah
    DD3/DD4/DD5: Ella Rose, Lily Johana & Sadie Georgia
    DS3/DS4: Alex James & Charlie Aspen
    DD6: Chloe Eva
    DS5: Lucas Rhys
    DS6: Theodore Riley
    DD7/DD8/DD9/DD10: Elena Beatrice, Alice Emberlie, Livia Edith & Melora Leonie
    DS7/DS8/DS9: Daniel Elias, Austin Rupert & Milo Archer
    DD11: Emma Grace
    DD12/DD13/DD14: Jenavieve Aoife, Katie Freja & Ruth Coraline
    DS10: Jacob Joseph
    Girls: Ella, Imogen, Freya, Amelia, Chloe, Isabella, Hannah, Charlotte, Eleanor, Sophia, Jessica, Eden, Madeline, Abigail, Beth, Ava, Erika, Zara, Matilda, Milena, Tilly & Molly.

    Boys: Oscar, Isaac, Jacob, Edward, Noah, Harry, Theodore, Zachary, Zane, Nathaniel, Daniel, Lucas, Mason, Benjamin, Milo, Adam, Reuben, Jensen, Micah, Archie, Ezra, Joshua, Riley, Samuel & Maddox

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