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    Margot vs Evangeline?

    Ok I think we have it narrowed down to these two names. We love both but I am leaning towards Margot and my husband is leaning towards Evangeline. We need your help! I know a lot of you don't like Margot with my son's name Leo but I have decided I like it and the matching doesn't bother me. It's not like Leo and Theo or Leo and Cleo.

    So putting your personal feelings of Leo and Margot aside, which first name do you like better and why?
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    Evangeline by far. I love the nicknames Evie (EE-vie) and Eva, even Eve is cute. I think it's so much sweeter and and more feminine than Margot.
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    I really love both!!! I would go with Evangeline though as it has such adorable nn's... Eve, Evie, Eva, Van, Angel, Ellie even jelly for fun!! No matter who your daughter turns out to be she make the name her own! I think Leo and Evie are adorable together!!

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    I love Evangeline. It sounds so feminine and classic!
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    I like Margot best because it is more spunky and less frilly.

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