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    Congrats Ottilie, your boyfriend and Roo for picking such a wonderful name! I absolutely love both combos, though I would pick Aphrodite Marian Illyria. Marian's beginning as well as ending with a consonant makes it clear where the other names start and end; the "e" in Aphrodite runs into the "i" in Illyria a bit. Normally I don't really care about initials but AIME and AMIE are both so sweet! (I'm taking French at school so I noticed right away)

    It must feel so great to be [almost] there!
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    I LOVE Marian!! It's such a wonderful choice and you're right I think it holds its own with Aphrodite but compliments rather than competes with her! Marian is so grounding and strong yet romantic too... I think of maid Marian from Robin Hood first and foremost and also beautiful actress Marion Coutillard from 'La Vie en Rose'. What a gorgeous name for your little Amie Roo!!! I would go with Aphrodite Marion Illyria!

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    Aphrodite Illyria Marian

    fits into trochees, which I love the poetry glad you kept Illyria, and Marian is a gorgeous pairing!
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    BEAUTIFUL!! Amazing choices. You are so close to the end of the thrilling naming journey, ottillie.
    Quote Originally Posted by emmabobemma View Post
    At first I preferred Aphrodite Illyria Marian, because Illyria ripples along and Marian has a settling quality that's nice at the end of a name.
    This is exactly what I wanted to say, I couldn't have worded it near as well.
    Then, as I read the rest of your post, and repeated the names, I changed my mind. Aphrodite Marian Illyria is perfect. I like how Marian in the middle throws it off a little, makes you blink and smile. In my mind, this way makes Aphrodite stand out more, and each name is totally its own, yet they work harmoniously together to create a tumbling waterfall of colour and lilt. I love the balance of it (I know I said Marian in the middle spot throws it off, but I don't mean in an unbalanced way), with whimsical Aphrodite and Illyria being separated by the more heard-of Marian....
    AND, when you said that about "amie" being your favourite French word.... Love it too. Oooh sounds perfect. But, either way, you won't regret it.
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    Marian is a great 'normal' choice to throw in the mix! Aphrodite Marian Illyria would be my preference. I think the syllable count sounds better, plus the 'a' sound from Illyria is a little further away from the 'a' sounds in Marian, which I think also makes the flow better. Plus you get the initials you prefer (AMIE), which is another nice bonus. I'm really glad you went with Marian, that is a phenomenal choice to go along with the whole name, it's 'normal', but also stands out as a very strong name on it's own, makes it so there are no 'filler' feeling middle names or anything. Every name stands strong alone and works together well in unity. Perfect.
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