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    I like unusual names more than familiar names, but don't like any of your lest suggestions except Aphrodite Stella Maris.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    Otter m'dear,
    It must be said. I find your boyfriend's efforts to rein in a name as wild as Aphrodite a bit silly.
    You have many lovely options - I'm not worried! But the middle names won't be used often anyway, so it's not the best place to infuse normalcy into abnormally beautiful Aphrodite. imo.

    Illyria is not that crazy, it's not a froufy name like Bluebell or Valentine.
    Illyria is just a delicious little trill rolling off of Aphrodite, a little literary reference (and a great one at that.) I don't see the harm. :-( (puppy eyes)

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    Here are some random ideas to balance things out a bit. Aphrodite is pretty... Zesty and I feel something a bit more warm, gentle and calm would be a nice compliment:

    Aphrodite Stella June (honor the month she got her new name?)
    Aphrodite Marina Iris
    Aphrodite Maren Viola
    Aphrodite Charis Joy
    Aphrodite Alma Selene
    Aphrodite Melia Pearl
    Aphrodite Lucia Charis
    Aphrodite Junia Celeste
    Aphrodite Charis Fern
    Aphrodite Stella Faye

    But honestly something much more grounded like, Stella Aphrodite or Charis Aphrodite would be much more pleasing to me, and more
    wearable. And this is coming from someone who was only a penis away from naming her child Cordelia Jean Rosemary, and entertained Guinevere, Beatrix, Zinnia and Allegra as actual first name options.
    Melissa, Mama to Oscar Leopold.
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    Okay dokey-I have come up with some combos for you. I will save the best till last:

    Aphrodite Estella-I picked Estelle off your list but Estella had a better flow.
    Aphrodite Morwenna Delphine-Morwenna has a meaning to do with the sea and I stole Delphine from your list.
    Aphrodite Clementine Kate-Although this combination is not very 'sea-like' I struggled to find a 2nd middle but I like the 2 'c/k' sounds together.
    Aphrodite Clementine Charis-Same as above even though I do not care for Charis.
    Aphrodite Olwen Estelle-2 names off your list. I like how they each start with a vowel. Olwen sounds very sea-like and Estelle gives the shimmer on the water when the sun shines.

    My star combinations for you:
    Aphrodite Olivia Wren-Olivia gives a nice blue feel and flowy wavy picture. It adds some 'normalacy' to the name and is a good fallback when darling Roo is feeling defiant. Wren gives that final full stop of-YES! I am unique and I WILL have a beautiful name! I have loved Wren for ages and I use it as my kind of 'alter ego' so that is probabaly part of the reason I chose this for you.
    Aphrodite Olivia Pearl-As above but with the added bonus that Pearl is nice and oceany.

    I hope this helps!
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    Last time for Roo...

    Rollo; yes, Rose is very pink to me too. Maybe that's why it always feels a bit off... I do love Illyria Rose and Cressida Rose though!

    goodhope; whoa, you had a babysitter with a brother Orpheus? That's one of my favourite names for a boy!

    r_j; I get a chill from Stella Maris too. The kind of chill when you've had an evening bath and sit by the ocean wrapped in a blanket looking at the starr skies.

    Gwen; thank you! I like Cressida Willow better too I think... doesn't matter now though.

    Reverie; I love Ondine too! It's so cute and fun to say!

    little miss Whirlie; thank you for your critics; you are right on! Nice job, sweetie

    Sarah; I like those two too. I'm not good at combos either... major flaw

    Emmsie; he's an idiot, that's all there is to say! I agree with everything you said, and we had a conversation about this yesterday. If you read all the way to the bottom you'll see how it went...

    mei mei; I like the Junia Celeste combo, it's very pretty.

    whirls (again!); Oooh, I like the Olivia Wren one. Very beautiful! the main problem for me (us) has been that very few thing sounds good with Aphrodite. The name needs to hold their own against Aphrodite's wild beauty, but it mustn't try to steal the spotlight. Everything felt wrong, so yesterday I told Roo's Daddy how I felt, and that if he can't give me Illyria we should just go with Alcyone instead, as it's easier to find fitting middles. I still think Alcyone could fit her, so that seemed to me to be the way to go. I went out for a run with Roo and when we came back he said he was okay with Illyria if he could pick the second middle. Woohoo, he wanted Marian as the second middle! So, we've named her, and I think it's absolutely beautiful. We're just not sure about the order: Aphrodite Illyria Marian or Aphrodite Marian Illyria. If we go with the first one, initials will be AIME, the second AMIE. Amie is one of my favourite French words, it means friend (female version) and it's so cute. I think Illyria Marian has better flow, but let's face it, that's guesswork as I'm terrible with flow...
    [FONT=Palatino Linotype][CENTER]My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014[/CENTER][/FONT]

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