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    I love either Aphrodite Cressida Willow or Aphrodite Cressida Rose. I mean, does it get more romantic than those names? I love that she's naming herself... it's kinda awesome, and I love how bold you are with names (I tend to be much more timid). Congrats!
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    Ottilie - I love Aphrodite for little roo.

    My faves from you list

    Aphrodite Illyria Rose - but maybe this is too much like her original name & therefore doesn't quite have the qualities you are looking for to match her spirit

    Aphrodite Tabitha Wren - just beautiful though Tabitha to me is dark green & velvety not sea green & light.

    Some other suggestions

    Aphrodite Sylvia Wren
    Aphrodite Sylvie Willow
    Aphrodite Lucy Miranda - these middles are all light to me
    Aphrodite Felicity Lark

    Good luck, there are some amazing suggestions on this thread. Little too will be well named when you have decided
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    You have a seriously awesome taste in names.

    I like the combos Aphrodite Illyria Rose, Aphrodite Cressida Willow and Aphrodite Tabitha Wren. I love them all, they're all beautiful. But you really couldn't go wrong with any of the combos that have been listed in this thread!
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    My favourite is Aphrodite Illyria Laurel. I remember what you said about the dream and I think Laurel would be perfect here. Second choice would be Aphrodite Illyria Rosen.
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    Aphrodite Illyria Celeste is stunning in writing, sound, and image. However, I do understand the desire for two 'normal' middles to go along with the more fanciful Aphrodite.

    I'm somewhat rooting to see either Miranda or Vanessa somewhere in her name - Miranda because she's such a great Shakespearian namesake and Vanessa because she's a family name for you and I've seen you mention how much you like that name is other pepole's posts. Both names are familiar yet complex and beautiful and give me images of a vast, beautiful sea.

    I do like Cressida, Nerissa, Viola, and Olivia for their Shakespearean nods. However, Olivia and Viola give me dissonant imagery - Olivia is so earthy and Viola is, well, so purple. Cressida and Nerissa have the proper imagery for me, but I rather like that Vanessa and Miranda don't have their roots in Greek mythology; they don't bring a lot of novelty to the table, so to speak. Most people know these names (especially Cressida) from Shakespeare though, so perhaps I'm being silly (and a double dose of mythology is definitely not a bad thing!). Aphrodite Cressida does sound very nice. A final nature/celestial (Willow, Laurel, Celeste, Estelle) or family (Lettice, Poline) name would be a great capper, as others have said. Is Elaine still on the table? She could also be a nice third name to infuse the combo with a bit of Arthurian legend. With such beautiful names, you really can't go wrong
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