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    I just wanted to say i think Ditaroo makes an extremely cute nn

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    I'm still on Aphrodite Illyria Rose - for the same reasons as before - It gives her atleast "one" normal, more "easily" blendable name and it sounds great!

    I do think you need one name that is more capable of blending in, for her own sake.

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    Thanks lovelies!

    Christina; I looooooove Seawillow (yes, with multiple o's). And I love it with Illyria, so cute!

    Renny; oooh, that kind of makes me like Aella/Aello more. A connection to Agg/Ayella! Wohoo!

    C&P; thanks, I love the Rosen one too, the connection to her Cornish side would be a nice little salute. I also love Aphrodite Miranda Rosen, so pretty.

    Bonnie; Aphrodite Illyria Delphine and Aphrodite Delphine Willow are lovely, thank you!

    Svea; that was my fault, I should've closed the thread! Thanks, I like that combo as well.

    Tay; thanks, I love Thalassa and Melanthe but they're a bit much with the first name I think!

    Bellarina; thank you so much, I love Tabitha too!

    Bladey; Love the way you reason your way through names. Lettice is beautiful, I really like it, and it does fit right in. Illyria is not set in stone, we're having a discussion about it at the moment.

    Flamingo; yes, I know, but it's also the Cornish word for rose, and we've got Cornish family (or he has).

    Betty; thanks, I quite like Aphrodite Illyria Celeste!

    Dina; I really love Charis too... it's so beautiful.

    Zelia; thank you! Aphrodite Illyria Selene is so lovely!

    Fluz; Aphrodite Willow Delphine and Aphrodite Laurel Clemency are gorgeous, thank you!

    Lulu; thank you, those are very pretty!

    mge; Aphrodite's pronounced af-ruh-DAI-tee.

    natural; thank you, those are some of my very favourites too! Mazarine is very pretty, but I don't really feel a connection to it...

    brynie; I did think about it, but three is too many... I even think two can be too much

    Kathryn; thanks, I think those are lovely too.

    Gwen; oh, I like Aphrodite Sylvia Charis very much! Thank you!

    Araminta; thanks, I like Aphrodite Delphine Rose and Aphrodite Tabitha Nell so much!

    Lex; wow, look at that! Thanks so much, and I agree with almost everything you said. I do like Aphrodite Miranda Aello and Aphrodite Cressida Nell. Thanks for taking the time to comment on the names, it's very helpful.

    Moonie; I quite like Aphrodite Illyria Viola!! And Aphrodite Willow Illyria is beautiful... thanks!!

    Tiggerian; oh, yes, if we choose to go with Illyria the second middle will be something completely normal!

    Thanks all again, so much!

    I should've said this in the original post; if we choose to go with Illyria, the second middle will be a normal name (bye bye Aello and nature names!) like Sophia, Tabitha or Celeste. Boyfriend isn't too keen on Illyria; he's okay with it because he thinks it's beautiful and knows how much I love it, but he thinks that with Aphrodite we should have two normal middles to even things out.
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    Too many beautiful names up there for me to concentrate! Good luck!

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    Just so you know i've always been terrible at middle names.
    I was thinking 'Aphrodite Angelica Wren' but that's 2 a's isn't it! see....

    Aphrodite Olivia Wren sounds quite similar to that. Or Aphrodite Letitia Wren.
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