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View Poll Results: Which middle do you like best for Catherine?

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  • Ophelia

    22 31.43%
  • Octavia

    14 20.00%
  • Ottilia

    9 12.86%
  • Aurelia

    25 35.71%
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    Octavia is my pick, both because it's my favorite of the four and because you said it's the best compromise name.
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    Catherine Aurelia gets my vote!
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    Quote Originally Posted by niteowl13 View Post
    Catherine Aurelia gets my vote.
    I like Ottoline better than Ottilia. Catherine Ottoline is pretty.
    I know a Catherine Avalon.
    If you want an O name, you can spell Aurelia with an O. I know an Odette Orelie. She put the e with the accent in it cuz she didn't like the oral part of Oralie. Hey - What about Catherine Odette?
    Catherine Avalon was actually on one of our previous lists!

    Huh, I never thought about spelling Aurelia with an "O". Catherine Orelia -- that does look rather nice. I'll see what hubby thinks when he gets home. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Odette is cute, but not really my style.
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    I like Ophelia and Octavia almost evenly. Ophelia is a softer name and Octavia crisper, so from a pure phonetcs perspective I'd favor Octavia. It's almost more regal, unusual and striking. But the meaning isn't much...
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    Catherine Ophelia is gorgeous. I love Catherine with a C, and putting Ophelia in the middle spot makes it more usable without the negative Shakespeare connotations. Catherina Aurelia is also lovely.

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