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    Sebastian Aurelius Rune?

    What do you think of the combo Sebastian Aurelius Rune? I mentioned it to a friend (who's not a namenerd) and he said it sounded pretentious. I'm nowhere near having kids, but it seems totally usable and I would actually use it on a real baby. I figure that since middle names aren't used all the time and Sebastian isn't abnormal at all, it would be fine... wdyt?
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    I think it's a great combination, but I can see how a non name nerd would think it's pretentious. However, you're right, middle names are rarely used, and Sebastian is lovely. I like this combo a lot.
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    That is a stunning combo. I love Sebastian, I think it is very underused for such a great name! Can I steal the combo and put it on my list?
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    I love everything about this combo. I don't think it's at all pretentious. I do really enjoy all three names separately and together.

    Also, if you're not pregnant yet I would be reluctant to share it with people you associate with in real life. Sometimes you say a name and it sticks with people and they want to use it too. I know for many it would mean that they wouldn't use the name anymore.

    @merrybells Genevieve Claire (Claire being one of the infinite middle name possibilities that I never narrowed down) was very nearly Gemma's name. Not being sure about a middle name definitively is kind of why we didn't use it, but when I found out she was a girl the first name that came to mind was Genevieve. I feel like I should've honored that.
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    I can completely see how he would say that (2 middle names, and the use of a rather obscure Roman name), but I don't think that you should ever let that deter you. I've loved Emiliana since my childhood (it honours a family member), and I was told the same thing by a friend... simply because it's a long name. This was far before vintage and long names were "in"... I've never changed my preference (although I've thought about it with Emma, Emilia, Amelia, and -ana names becoming popular), as I think it's a fine name... and I don't think a kid would mind it. Middle names don't matter much, and Sebastian is quite common (I know 3). In the end, the only people that need to like it are you, your husband, and your child.
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