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    Aug 2009
    "Close friends are truly life's treasures. Sometimes they know us better
    than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us,
    to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone."
    - Vincent van Gogh

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    Jun 2013
    Ontario, Canada
    We live in:
    3: Salt Lake City

    LN: LN: Allred, Andelin, Bagley, Barkdull, Beckstrom, Callister, Chipman, Cluff, Duce, Ewell, Eyre, Farnsworth, Finlinson, Greenhalgh, Heaps, Higbee, Hinckley, Homelvig, Kershaw, Lambright, Manwaring, Maryott, Merrill, Nibley, Nielsen, Osguthorpe, Pearson, Pelham, Petersen, Pingree, Pratt, Proctor, Robison, Ruby, Shreeve, Shumway, Skousen, Smith, Smoot, Spendlove, Stakland, Studdert, Throckmorton, Tingey, Tuggle, Twitchell, Uchtdorf, Wixom, Woolstenhulme, Zabriskie.

    Select a maiden or unmarried name in addition to your last name.

    Spouse 1: Amelia Monroe Proctor-Smith
    Spouse 2: Chester Frances Smith

    Roll seven times initially.

    1. G/B: Emma Mariah/Ryan John
    2. G: Aubrey Shannon
    3. G/G: Lilly Amelia/Kaiya Victoria
    4. G: Haleigh Bronwen
    5. G: Elizabeth Anne
    6. B: Logan Eli
    7. B: Jonah Riley

    The Smith Family: Amelia & Chester and their children: Emma, Ryan, Aubrey, Lilly, Kaiya, Haleigh, Elizabeth, Logan and Jonah...
    Name Nerd

    No kids (yet), not even trying... but, I can't help but dream of beautiful (and ever-changing) names for my future children!

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    Oct 2009
    United States
    Family lives in South Jordan

    DH: Weston (Wes) Jeremy Merrill
    DW: Georgia (Gia) Kennedy Neilsen Merrill

    DS1: Jackson (Jack) Colin Merrill
    DD1: Laila Natalie Merrill
    DS2: Noah Blayne Merrill
    DD2: Emily Rhiannon Merrill
    DD3: Elizabeth (Libby) Anne Merrill
    DS3: Daxon (Dax) Bryton Merrill
    DS4: Riley Benjamin Merrill
    DD4: Adelaide (Addy) Skye Merrill

    List your family here:
    Wes, Gia, Jack, Laila, Noah, Emily, Libby, Dax, Riley, and Addy
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

    Currently loving....
    Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Beckett, Wesley, Noah, Mason, Simon, Luke
    Lucia (Lucy), Annabel, Eloise, Leah, Avery, Brennan/Brynn, Lilah, Reese, Annora, Antonia

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    Jun 2010
    mom to Mckinley Mayfair, Christian Wayne & Sir Angus Fionn
    fave girls
    fave boys
    fave combos
    just for fun combos

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