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    Hazel Louise is my favorite for a girl. Gannon Bryce is my absolute least favorite, as there is nothing remotely feminine about this name. I kind of like Foster Inez, but that's entirely due to the fact that it contains Inez.

    Of the boy names, I like Augustus Reed, Crosby Tate, and Thaddeus Beck. Theoren Dean seems like it could be ok, just not sure what Theoren is. My auto correct is trying to turn it into theorem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    Doesn't Mom have any input in the baby naming? Judging by the girls names, I think you're husband is secretly hoping for two boys. Finnegan, Foster and Gannon are too masculine for my comfort level. Gannon Bryce even sounds over-the-top macho. If you're having boy/girl twins, it's best to have the genders clearly apparent. You don't want either gender to outpower the other. I think these twinsets would be the way to go!

    Guinevere Bay and Augustus Reed
    Hazel Louise and Thaddeus Beck
    Completely agree with this. I would stay far away from Gannon Bryce and Harbor Reese-- the first one sounds completely masculine and the second one sounds confusingly ambiguous and doesn't flow well at all. The Hazel, Guinevere, Thaddeus and Augustus combos are all great. Use those!
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    G/G:Hazel and Finnegan
    G/B: Hazel and Theoren
    B/B: Theoren and Augustus
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    Marshall Graham & August Reed
    (August is much cooler than Augustus)

    Guinevere Bay & Hazel Louise

    August Reed and Hazel Louise

    As a side note, I love Harbor Reese, but not with any of these other choices.

    I strongly caution you against:
    Finnegan Grace
    Foster Inez
    Gannon Bryce
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