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    Thomas Kinkade's daughters

    So, one of my favorite artists is Thomas Kinkade. He just died last year, but I was looking up one of his paintings when I came across the names of his four daughters. From oldest to youngest, they are Merritt, Chandler, Winsor, and Everett. They were all named after famous artists. I found these incredibly intriguing and inspiring. I think my favorite is Winsor. I've heard Chandler and Everett before, but only on boys, and Merritt is new.

    What do you think? I'm impressed.

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    Ooh, those are really cool! I don't know that I would use Chandler or Everett on girls, but they are still very intriguing and fun! Merritt is really lovely.
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    I love the name Merit for a girl. I considered it when I was pregnant with my daughter, but we didn't pick it and we've since that time become friends with a man by that name! Now I feel I can't use it! I love to hear of that name on a young girl though, I think it's lovely & strong & has a lovely meaning. I do wish he used the Merit spelling that I prefer.

    Chandler is not a favorite of mine on a boy or girl. It's very preppy to me in an 80's/90's Spencer type of way.

    I see the femme slant to Everett and have been wondering when it and Emmett will go the way of the girl. Maybe Bennett as well. The similarity to the -ette ending. Personally, it's not for me.

    Winsor has a pretty quality. But for me it feels fancy.

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    I like his reasoning for using the names. I like Merritt for either sex and I like the nickname possibilities with Winsor. Even though they are male names, there are cute feminine nicknames you could use for each of them. Thanks for sharing.

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    Those names make a great sibset, but I don't think I could use any of them on a girl! The only one I've ever heard on a girl is Chandler - in Friends, when Phoebe has the triplets and they name one of the girls Chandler!
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