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    I'll second Zeller Jericho. Jericho is fantastic. Zeller isn't a name I would use, but it sounds fine to me. I think he'd fit in with all the other surname names. I'm not familiar with the Dr. Seuss reference, and it didn't come up with a quick google search, so it might not be that well known?

    Hartley is another I wouldn't use, but I can see the appeal. I do really like the nickname Hart.

    I also like Zeller Keene as it honors lots of family, and that seems to be important to you.

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    As I was going down your list, the only one that jumped out at me was Jericho... I even love it as a first name (great nn possibilities, and unique but mature). Zellar makes me think of 'seller', 'cellar', and 'stellar'... they're not particularly good or bad, but I think he'd be explaining his name (it's a 'z', not and 's'), and how he got the name to a lot of people... It reminds me of a college classmate I had with another unique Z name who always ended up having to explain to everyone that he was not a foreign exchange student... I could see that possibly happening... I personally like Jericho Hartley... talk about a handsome, dashing, but strong name!
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    I'm afraid I don't like Zeller very much either. However, I do love Jericho. I think Jericho Hayes, Jericho Rece, or Jericho Gramercy are all lovely. I also really like Reed Walsh or Reed Alexander together with your last name. Good luck and congratulations!

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