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Thread: Elise or...

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    Elise or...

    I thought I had my mind made up for Elise as a first name, but now I am looking at other names and think it might work better as a middle name. Please give your opinion as to what you like the best, or if you have other suggestions. My last name is August is that helps.

    Calista Elise
    Carissa Elise
    Elise Christiana
    Elise Kyriana
    Kyriana Elise


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    Hi, I have to say I really like the flow of Calista Elise the best. Very pretty and feminine combo's. Good luck!

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    I like Elise August, it has a nice ring to it. How about Elise Marie August?

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    I LOVE Kyriana Elise August! Carissa Elise August is also very nice. Good luck!
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    I LOVE Kyriana Elise. Very pretty.
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