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    Surname: RIVERA

    You: Jenna Grace
    DP: Aldo Benjamin

    01-DS: Augusto Miguel *Augie*
    02-DS: Ezechiel Alejandro *Zeke*
    03-DS: Isidoro Raoul *Izzy*
    04-DS: Leonardo Esteban *Leo*
    05-DS: Maximiliano Javier *Max*
    06-DS: Solomon Cesario *Solo*
    07-DD: Alba Trinidad Blanca Pilar
    08-DS: Benicio Carlos *Ben*
    09-DS: Serafin Diego *Finn*
    10-DS: Cruz Emilio
    11-DS: Hugo Joaquin
    12-DS: Mateo Luiz *Teo*
    13-DS: Nicandro Jorge *Nico*
    14-DS: Arlo Santiago
    15-DD: Clementina Soledad Aroa Ines *Emmy*
    16-DS: Luca Fernando *Luke*
    Current Favorites:
    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Surname: Alvarez
    DW: Michaela Rose
    DH: Felipe Carlos

    01-DS: Lorenzo Santos
    02-DS: Mario Cristian
    03-DS: Cruz Leonardo
    04-DS: Solomon Toro
    05-DS: Cortez Ezekyel
    06-DS: Francisco Luca
    07-DD: Marisol Ysabel Laia
    08-DS: Bastien Fernando
    09-DS: Alejandro Montez
    10-DS: Enrique Diego
    11-DS: Ruben Augusto
    12-DS: Valentino Andres
    13-DS: Chavez Ortega
    14-DS: Javier Mathias
    15-DD: Natalia Estela Raquel
    16-DS: Maximilliano Delmar

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    You: Amanda Lorraine Hayes-Garcia
    DP:Rudy Garcia-Ortega

    Sons Names & Middles

    Daughters names & middles: Daughters have 3 middle names as there are only 2!

    01-DS: Alejandro Zacarias
    02-DS:Joaquin Tomas
    03-DS:Juanito Nicolas
    04-DS:Teodoro Valentine
    05-DS:Ramone Isadoro
    06-DS:Santiago Miguel
    07-DD:Araceli Guadalupe Ines
    08-DS:Arlo Cristofer
    09-DS:Xavier Estevon
    10-DS:Eduardo Raul
    11-DS:Moises Cirilo
    12-DS:Mateo Jeremias
    13-DS:Salomon Rey
    14-DS:Roderigo Leon
    15-DD:Lourdes Aurelia Magdalena
    16-DS:Enrique Lorenzo
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    Married my best friend 05-11-13
    Riley Bean went to be the Lord Summer of 2013...almost 2 months

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