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    Help.. Baby is due in 3 weeks & we have no name picked out!

    My husband and I couldn't be more excited
    because we are expecting a baby boy soon
    and we couldn't be more excited!! We
    already have a 18 month old little boy
    named Easton Alexander & so we are trying
    to come up with a little boys name that
    goes well with that. We had chosen the
    name Everett but now my hubby doesn't
    like it & we really like the name Emerson
    but we're worried about it being to similar
    to Easton. We've also recently adopted our
    5 year old foster son Tyler Jameson, so I'm
    now wondering if naming this baby a name
    that starts with E will make him feel left

    Names we do like...
    Sawyer Nathaniel
    Gideon Scott
    Emerson Jude
    Declan Rhys
    Callum Scott

    Names we like but don't have middle names for..

    Ratings/thoughts on those names or other
    suggestion would be great!

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    I would probably go for a non-E name too. Gideon also shares the last two letters with Easton. My favourite from your current picks is Declan Rhys. Declan August works too. A couple of quick suggestions - Silas or Sullivan?
    Two small people, Mila Arden and Cato Bennett.

    All done but still dreaming of
    Atlas Bram, Abel Octavian, Abel Roscoe
    Lyra Blythe, Delphi Winter, Elowen Sage, Inka Blythe

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    I love the name Sawyer. So my pick would be Sawyer Nathaniel. I also like the name Emerson but I would be afraid that if someone shortened it down to Em as his nick name he might get made fun of because Em is more typically a girl nick name. Just a thought. Also I like the name Gavin. How about Gavin Michael or Gavin Adler, Gavin Troy. Just a few ideas.

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    I like Sawyer Nathaniel a lot.

    I would prefer Declan Scott to Declan Rhys.

    I like Gavin Wyatt and Wyatt Nathaniel from the other list.

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    Finley is perfect for an adventurous boy. I love the nickname Finn. I know a little boy named Finn Anthony.

    Here are some boy names I like:

    Westin, Weston

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