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    Eliana or Annabella?

    Which one goes best with brother Silas? TY!

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    Annabella, by far. Matches the old-fashioned feel of Silas well. Also, it has the strong vowels and L sound like Silas, but somehow feels more distinct from Silas than Eliana, IMO.

    I have too many friends with little girls named some variation of Eliana, Aliana, Allyana, Elliana, etc that I find spelling and pronounciation uber confusiing. That said, I think Eliana is the most straightforward and pleasant version of all them.

    ETA: If you're using nns, Anna is most plain but probably least common in this generation?l And IMO sweet with Silas. Ellie seems pretty common these days and Bella has a fancier sound....but I think all are fine.
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    I like Eliana better, but I don't think it matches Silas very well. Silas feels a bit "country chic" to me... so I'd choose Annabella...
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    I like both a lot with Silas, but I like Annabella much more as a name. I think Eliana has a lovely meaning, and it's quite beautiful and sweet, but I just can't get past Ellie! I can't stand the nn, it sounds so whiny and blah to me. I think Silas and Annabel would work a bit better--Annabella's a bit frilly for Silas--but Silas and Annabella is very sweet.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks ladies, I appreciate your comments. This is such a rough decision...anyone else care to chime in?

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