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    Surfer boy names

    I recently have been sucking for names for boys that are coastal inspired. I was looking through lists of surfers and came across a few. Which of these do you think would be cute on a boy and will age well.

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    My favorites from those are Shea, Radley, and Riley. Talon and Rafferty are okay. I'm not really liking Kyler or Jordy.

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    What about Kai?
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    I second Kai... that's a great name. I knew a Talon, and that was quite a cool name (although I'm on the fence about how well it fit him, as he was a balding engineering student)... Shea and Rafferty are both cool (I've also known a Shea), and I think both would age well. I don't see Kyler or Jordy aging well at all.
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    I dislike all these names you listed. I suggest Bodhi!

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