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    Combinations and your favs

    I seem to be having a hard time picking middle names- i like to be more adventurous with the middle. Im open to new suggestions this is what i have so far:

    Cormac River
    Colton Theo
    Cole Ronan
    Griffin Cole
    Rohan March

    Some other names i love that can be used for middle names:


    I would appreciate anyones thoughts on these names and if you can spot any nice combinations i may have missed?

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    Cormac River: My favorite on your list. Cormac sounds like a name that any boy would love to have.

    Colton Theo: I've never liked Colton because where I live, that "T" in the middle of the name gets pronounced in the back of the throat and it just doesn't sound nice. It sounds great if you say the "T" at the tip of your tongue, but nobody in my region would do that, as it sounds a bit pretentious.

    Cole Ronan: This combo flows well together. I have a soft spot for the repeating "O" sound in first and middle names.

    Griffin Cole: Another great one. I really like your taste. This sounds like a rough-and-tumble boys' name.

    Rohan March: Not into Rohan because the pronunciation is ambiguous. Is it RO-hann, RO-uhn, or RONE? It is interesting to see March used in a boy's name. I've always pictured it as a girls' name, but I think this works.

    Other combo ideas:

    Colton Theodore (repeating O sound again)
    Cole Finnegan
    Griffin Leif, Griffin Gabriel
    Rohan River (I love alliteration)

    Other names you may like:


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    Thanks Cormac River is actually our #1 atm- hubby dosnt even want to look at other names but I want to have a short list just incase!

    Yes i wasnt sure about Colton- i thought it might be a nice long name option for Cole.

    Rohan would be pronounced the hindi way Ro-harn.. i actually like Rowen better but hubby said no- so its my next best choice...

    I love March and would have kept it as a first but can't get used to the ch sound at the end... so middle name it is!

    I love the alternate middle name options you have for Griffin

    Crosby actually sounds very similar to our last name and I have Sloane down for a girls name

    thanks for the feedback, i much prefer the new middle names for Griffin now and feel better about our top choice

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    Depends on the surname... I like Cormac River the best, but would also like Cormac Leif (depending on your last name)...
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