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  • Wesley

    17 29.31%
  • Julian

    7 12.07%
  • Gideon

    16 27.59%
  • Jonah

    12 20.69%
  • Evan

    6 10.34%
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolv View Post
    All great names. I couldn't decided how to vote until I saw the names of your other children. I'd shy away from another name starting with J. And Evan then didn't seem quite strong enough to stand up; nor did Wesley. But Gideon seemed to me perfect!

    Jasper, Frankie, Annabeth, and Gideon.
    I agree with avoiding another J name, and Evan does not stand up for me either. I LOVE your other kids names, and Evan just pales a bit in comparison. So for me it's between Wesley and Gideon. I think Wesley goes slightly better with the other names, so that gets my vote.

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    I agree with pp... I wouldn't use 2 J's... Evan is soooo common... Gideon seems really bold and old-fashioned compared to Jasper and Frankie. I like Wesley, esp. nn West. It makes me think of "The Princess Bride", which gives it a more romantic feeling...
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    My 18 month old son's name is Gideon Wesley. :-)

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    Although I love the name Julian. I would agree with now J Names.

    Gideon & Wesley i'd say fit best. - Gideon & Wesley are cute together.

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    I adore Julian, but it's between Julian and Evan for me.
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