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    I went to school with a girl named Champagne.
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    Janus (why? I don't know why)
    Sylvester (immensely popular here for reasons that I do not know or understand)

    Sulajma (for a while it was rather indie-popular here and I just never got the appeal)
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    I was recently at a track meet and looked at a few names of some girls doing discus
    And I know a girl named Sabryn (knowing since 1st grade, her name doesn't bother me) and she knows a girl named Ka'eyla or something. Pronounced sorta like Koala.
    Also I can't stand people who have the awesome name Robert but decide to call themselves BOB. Come on! Really?!

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    ....really guys, Gilbert, Bob, Ree, Janus, Braden? Those are the worst names you've ever heard? At least they're real names (except maybe Ree, but that's not horrible, there's a character in Winter's Bone called Ree). Braden is overused but if it's the worst name you've ever heard, then you must know a lot of well named people...

    The worst I can think of off the top of my head:

    Harry Love
    Barbie (a young child; horrible only due to the association with the doll now and the pressure that would put)
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    Quote Originally Posted by kalebsmom View Post
    The worst I've met was a boy at the playground named Omen.

    I was recently watching 'Extreme Couponing' and the woman featured had a daughter named Tequila. That poor child.
    I hope at least her middle name was Mockingbird.
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