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    A friend of a friend has a baby girl named Heavyn. I mean, Heaven is bad enough in my opinion, but Heavyn has the word heavy right in it! Who does that to their daughter??

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    Here are the worst I have heard:

    Hero is actually a Shakespearian girls' name with a long and celebrated history of use...hardly of a kind with Tater or Tigger.

    Worst names I've ever heard: Brayleigh and Braden. Blergh.

    Matilda Sailor or Faye Matilda | Sylvie Wren or Simon Adler | Alice Violetta or Atlas Dov | Julian 'Jules' River or Juniper 'Joon' Lovelace | Roscoe Fox or Marlowe Fritz | Jane Lucinda or Lucien Wilde | Louisa Valor or Eloise March | Ivan Elliot or Iris Cordelia | August Jack or Jasper Hale | Dashiell Jude or Judah Reeve | Thea Marina or Marigold 'Maggie' Wynn | Finnegan Wallace or Felix Raphael

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    The worst I've met was a boy at the playground named Omen.

    I was recently watching 'Extreme Couponing' and the woman featured had a daughter named Tequila. That poor child.

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    I had to get on and find this thread since my best friend (who I regularly compare notes with regarding terrible names we have heard) just texted me to tell me her waitress's name was Conception.

    Also met a little boy recently named Antique.
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