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  • Kurt Valentine

    2 6.45%
  • Kurt Matthew

    4 12.90%
  • Hugh Frederick

    8 25.81%
  • Joseph Carey, nn Joe

    9 29.03%
  • George Barrett

    6 19.35%
  • Barrett Hank

    2 6.45%
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    Take 2 on boy names

    Please vote on your favorite combo. Hubby and I are ttc, and this is our second attempt at a poll for our boy's name list. We have a son, Harold Jonathan, who goes by the nn Hal. This will be our last child. Our last name is German, 2 syllables, and sounds very harsh. We are very committed to using family names and finding a fn that isn't in the top 100 for popularity. In an ideal world, we would have an awesome family name that sounds good with both Harold and Hal, but believe me, we have searched high and low, and these are the best, if not only, possibilities. I'm more concerned with how the sibling name fits with Hal, as that is what we call him. Thank you for your help and comments are always appreciated.

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    I love Joseph Carey<3 It has this traditional, sturdy, handsome sound to it that I love.
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    Thanks Aillidh! 'Carey' is a family name (used for all boys) on my side that I have always been fond of. However, when we decided to use Harold, from my husband's side, for our first child, I was afraid it would never again see the light of day, because of the Harry Carey associations. Now, as possible mn, I have hope again! : ) Glad you like the combo too.

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    I voted for Hugh before I read your post, but now I would change my vote to Joseph Carry because I like Joe and Hal better as brothers than Hugh and Hal.
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    I just realized that Joseph is way too popular for my liking. So sad! I have only known 3 Joe's my whole life. Please make sure to comment on your second choice if your first was/is Joseph Carey, as I might be removing it from the list. Sorry for the confusion Berries.

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