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View Poll Results: Are Julia and Jillian too similar for sisters?

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    Julia and Jillian?

    Are Julia and Jillian too similar for sisters? They are both derivatives from the same name name but I don't think many people, with the exception of name nerds ) would know that. There are similar sounds but the names provide such a different image for me, which makes them feel different for me. So wdyt too similar? Or alright for sisters?

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    I think its fine, as long as they aren't called Juli and Jilly
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    I do think Julia and Jillian are too close. While I (and the average person) wouldn't put them together as both forms of Julia/Julius/etc. I do think they just have too many similar sounds. You could probably do Julia ____ and ____ Jillian, for example, or Jillian _____ and ____ Julia.
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    I think they're fine together.

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    Julia and Jillian are too similar for my comfort level. They're also worlds apart when it comes to style. Julia is a Roman name of great antiquity while Jillian is more contemporary in vibe (especially the modern "J" spelling). The Gillian spelling has been around since the sixteenth century.
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