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    @lolo_dink: Laney Bug is so cute!
    Just a teenage writer with a fascination for names!

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    You can call her
    Lu Cat
    Ellie Cat
    Lena Cate
    Lulu Cate /Lulu Cat

    Persephone Lenore Lucien Alaric * Zuleika Evening Orpheus Edgar * Edith Remember Viktor Dorian * Psyche Isadora Dante Alexander Wolf * Belladonna Forest Amadeus Raphaël * Nocturne Ophelia Balthazar Hades * Rosa Nightingale Vladimir Hugo * Sèraphine Wildrose Bramwell Ajax * Lilith Anastasia Dorian Caradoc * Eulalie Unicorn Prometheus Charles * Melinoe Ligeia Casimir Asphodel * Dominik Beltane Nyx Yseult * Alexander Valour 'Xerxes' Hero Lavinia * Sokrates Leo Echo Vesper

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    Laney is a cute nn!

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    My husband & I are in the same boat. When we were expecting our 1st child we were between Emma and Ella. We had a boy. My SIL ended up having a girl and they named her Emma Rose. We're expecting a girl & still like the name Ella (her nn would be Rose too which is mine, a family name). I can't get past having Emma & Ella Rose as cousins. It's great that your bro & SIL are so supportive of whatever you decide! Good luck!

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    I think Ellie Kate would be adorable.

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