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    Serendipity, Seraphina and Pixie

    I am convinced that no one likes the name Serendipity except me. I used to love Seraphina, but I am afraid it is getting too popular.

    What do you think of Serendipity nn Pixie?

    Any other suggestions that are similar or would be good as a FN for Pixie (just love this right now)
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    I think it's cute. I felt the same as you did! With me being the only to like it.
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    Serendipity is a really cute word with a cute meaning. I quite like it actually. Pixie as a nickname is adorable, but I see Seren as a more obvious one.

    I think Pixie is enough as a first name, it works for Little Pixie Geldof. Actually, Trixiebelle nn Pixie could be sweet.

    The only name I can think of is Pipinella, Latin for the plant burnet saxifrage.
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    LOL... I just changed a Chinese student's name, as she told me it was Pixie. I cannot really take an adult named Pixie seriously. I'd keep it as a mn or nn. I love Seraphina, but I'm not big on Serendipity (but I rarely like noun names, except very traditional ones).
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    I love the idea of a little girl named Pixie and it's actually being used here in the UK - I assume because of the singer Pixie Lott even though that's not here real name.

    I'd consider Pixie a lot more if I didn't love so many other girl's names beginning with P.

    Seraphina is much better than Serendipity but I do love the idea of the nn Seren for the latter.

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