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    Thoughts on Emmeline!

    Or, Emmeline combos, not so much Emmeline itself. Once upon a time, it was my top choice for a girl so I know exactly how I feel about it. I am between Tess and this for the last spot on my list and I figure having a full combo will help me decide.

    I've gone through many extensive (and very long!) lists over the weekend and have come up with a decent handful of combos I really like for Emmeline--thoughts on these?

    Emmeline Cosima (not usually my thing, but I really love Cosima with Emmeline!)
    Emmeline Kaia (meh, it's a bit mismatched, but I have a deep, abiding love for Kaia--I don't even know how long I've loved it--and it honors my mom. Besides, I sort of like the contrast of the more vintage and regal Emmeline with the more sprightly and lively Kaia)
    Emmeline Leona (I realize all the "L" middles aren't going to be hugely popular, but they have a lot of history and importance for me)
    Emmeline Lydia
    Emmeline Poppy (love how British this feels, and yet so sweet. It has several very sweet and beautiful ties to both of my parents, my brother, and my grandfather, but if my dad is going to be Poppy to my kids, is using Poppy for a daughter off-limits? I can't decide if it's a cute honoring or if it's just too confusing. If I would use a variant of his FN, like Jack, Jane, or Johanna, is that really any different from Poppy?)

    I've grown to really love Felicity, Penelope, and Lucia as MN options for this last spot on my list, too, but I'm not sure I really love them with Emmeline. Any suggestions? I do like these a lot, but honestly, I'm not sure any of them are "it"--I sort of feel like I like them all in the way that I would love to see them on a friend's daughter, but I'm not sure I can see it on my own child, if that makes sense.

    Thanks, ladies!

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    My personal favorite is Emmeline Felicity (Although I prefer the spelling Emaline); however, I think any/all of your choices would work well!
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    Out of all the combos I like Emmeline Cosima. Cosima is not really a name I normally like but I'm liking it paired with Emmeline.

    Other mn with Emmeline

    Emmeline Pearl
    Emmeline Beatrice
    Emmeline Louise
    Emmeline Rose (I know Rose is a filler mn but I still love this combo)
    Emmeline Marguerite
    Emmeline Lucille
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    Thanks, Isabelle! Pearl (and maybe Rose) could be second MN options for Emmeline, as there will be a second middle to honor family, but all the others don't really appeal to me.

    I agree, there's just something about Emmeline Cosima! Cosima's usually not my thing and I think I like Poppy, Leona, Lydia, and Kaia more, but there's just something so mesmerizing about it, I can't seem to let it go!

    Any other suggestions/thoughts?

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    Emmeline Cosima is so pretty! That's my favorite!
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