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    Question How do I get to these boyish Nicknames?? ( for a girl!)

    I have posted about how to get to a few nn's like Lou etc. before... But I was hoping to get help on how to get to MORE tomboyish nicknames for a girl!!( some have very obvious names that would lead to the nn... im looking for OTHER options)

    I don't mind a bit of a stretch but not toooo far...


    Mac ( without the obvious McKenzie etc.)
    Kit ( anything besides katherine?)

    And any other girl names with a BOY nickname suggestions are VERY VERY VERY welcome!!!!

    Thanks sooooo much!
    on the search for the perfect girls name!

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    Most of these are just the first things that came to mind and nothing too great...

    Van - Valencia, Raven
    Moe - Maureen, Maura (I know a Maureen nn Moe)
    Lee - Leanne, Leanna, Leah
    Lane - Elaine, Melanie
    Mac - Lilac (I know that's a bit of a stretch, but with an M middle it could work)
    Jet - Janet, Jetta
    Cy/Sy - Sybil (I know it's the wrong pronunciation but it's the right letters at least), Cyrilla, Isabel
    Ned - Nellie/Nell, Enid
    Kit- Christine/Christina
    Sully - Solandra (I think that's a name? Maybe it's a car make. I can't remember), Isolde/Iseult
    Ray - Raven, Orianna

    Hope that helped!
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    off the top of my head

    Van- Vanessa
    Cy/Sy - Cynthia, Sylvia , Cytherea , Sylvie
    Ray- Raewyn , Rachel,
    Mac - Micheala
    Moe- Maureen, Morwenna , Moana (maori for sea), Moira ?
    Lee- Leanne,Leah
    Lane- Elaine
    Jet- Juliet
    Kit- Christine/a
    Sully- not a clue
    Ned- Enid
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    Van - Vallen, Valentine, Sylvana, Evangeline/Evangelina

    Moe - Mona, Ramona

    Lee - really, so many - anything that ends in -ly (verily, kimberly, etc...)

    Lane - Tamerlane, Helena

    Mac - Lysimache? Macaria

    Jet - Jeanette, Georgette

    Cy/Sy -CYTHERIA (although I'm planning on calling my daughter "Theory" as a nn)

    Ned - Andrea (kind of a stretch) Eiluned (personal favorite)

    Kit - Kirrily (sorta works), Kira, Kitra

    Sully - Soleil, Sulwen, Selena, Selene

    Ray - Raina, Morena, Astraea/Astraia, Desiree
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    How about...
    Van - Evangeline/a
    Moe - Monet, Marlow,
    Lee - Elise, Lisel, Lisa - pretty much any name that starts with Li is fair game.
    Lane - Helen/a
    Mac - this one has me stumped...
    Jet - Juliette, Justine, Janet,
    Cy/Sy - Cyprus, Sylvie/a
    Ned Nadine, Nadia, Edwina (if you can get Ned from Edmund...?)
    Kit Kristin, Katarina
    Sully Soleil
    Ray Ramona
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