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Thread: I can't choose!

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    I can't choose!

    can't pick my favourite from these three names so would just like you to choose the one that is your favourite just so I can get a general ideas...

    Atticus (Atticus Milo James)
    Obvious connections to To Kill a Mockingbird which I obviously don't mind. Is it too much?

    Aubrey (Aubrey Elias Xander)
    A boy's name turned girl's name in the US, relatively unknown on both genders in the UK so popularity isn't an issue here.

    August (August Milo James)
    I like that it sounds more masculine than Aubrey, but at the same time I wouldn't want the whole "Was he born in August?" kind of questions.

    I don't want Aubrey and August on my list because of the same sound at the beginning. I thought Aubrey was my favourite of the two, but I'm now not so sure.
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    We've taken a poll and our house votes Atticus. I know it's getting popular, but it's just so fun!
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    1 August Milo James - This combo wins hands down for me! August is not only a month but a word that means "majestic/vernerable". A child doesn't have to be born in August to be given this name. Not all Aprils or Mays are born in those months. You can almost say "he looked like a little King" when he was born!

    2 Atticus Milo James - I can't count the times I've seen this name lately. Yeah, it sounds good but I bet I'm going to be sick of it soon enougth because it's so trendy (even people who've never heard of "To Kill A Mockingbird" or Atticus Finch are choosing it for their sons).

    3 Aubrey Milo James - I like to see Aubrey on a boy but it's really gone to the girls for now in various spellings (Aubree/Aubrie).
    All the best,

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    August, with Atticus in 2nd place...
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    I'm not really a fan of the name Aubrey, male or female, altho I love Elias Xander (or Xavier, even better). But of the three combos I'd keep Atticus and August. Love both with Milo James.

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