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    Advice about realiabilty HPT after embryo transfer


    Well today is one week after my embryo transfer and I couldn't wait any longer and took a home pregnancy test.


    Before we get too excited has anyone had experience if this is too early. It was a frozen embryo transfer in a natural cycle so no chance of leftover HCG from other drugs.

    Technically today I'm 3 weeks 5 days. Should I be doing a happy dance yet? I have to wait another week for my HCG blood test.
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    I've I many IVF cycles and have never had a posititve turn to a negative, HCG isn't present unless your pregnant. I would be excited but I always felt cautious too, as when you have had difficulty getting pregnant it seems to good to be true. I took a HPT when I was expecting my boys six days before I was scheduled for the official blood test and got a strong postive (it changed really quickly) b/c my hcg was higher b/c it was twins. Lots of luck!!

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    Yes! It is only possible to havea positive if the embryos implanted and the trophoblast started secreting HCG. Congrats!
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    Congrats! I hope your blood test goes well :-)
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    Thank you so much for responding!!

    I'm unbelievably happy but as wildrose said you get a bit cautious with these things.

    Lets pray it keeps growing along

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